Exterior Painting

There’s hardly any other home improvement project that can improve and beautify your home as effectively as an exterior paint job does. Add that to the fact that it is an affordable and effective way to protect your building and you’ll see the need to add a fresh coat of paint to your residential or commercial building. While an exterior painting project may seem like a big job, it is well worth the effort especially when it is handled by professionals like Port St. Lucie Painting Pros.

Exterior Residential Painting
Damaged exterior paint will diminish the beauty of your home. Cracked and peeling paint also decreases the value of your building and if you ever decide to sell your home, you stand a chance of selling at a higher value, after painting the exterior. If you want to improve the look of your home instantly and leave a great first impression on visitors, exterior painting is recommended for you. At Port St. Lucie Painting Pros, our team of exterior painting experts specializes in residential painting services aimed at meeting the project goals of our clients and exceeding them.  Our exterior painting services also includes deck staining and Concrete Staining and other similar services. Invest in a quality paint job for your home and get the job done right by our exterior painting professionals.

Exterior Commercial Painting
Exterior commercial painting is an investment that is always worth it. You’ll be surprised how much effect adding a fresh coat of paint to your exterior paint can have on the bottom line of your business and your impression on your customers. When it comes to exterior commercial painting, you really can’t afford to cut corners. Commercial projects like this are meat to leave a great first impression on people that visit your business and boost the curb appeal of your building. At Port St. Lucie Painting Pros, our job is to deliver everything you want from painting your business building and more. We also recognize the specific peculiarities of painting a commercial building. We will find a way to work around your schedule to ensure minimal disruption to your business. We will also pay attention to other peculiarities such as branding, health, and safety of your employees, among other factors while executing the project excellently.

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Preparation For Exterior Painting
Our experts at Port St. Lucie Painting Pros are well known for their attention to detail. We will always do our due diligence to ensure that your exterior painting is delivered excellently. Our exterior painting services begin with meticulously prepping the wall surface we intend to paint. This includes cleaning (washing), drying, scraping, and sanding the surface. How much preparation is required at this stage depends largely on the current condition of the wall. We have state of the art equipment for surface preparation and for the painting project itself. Once the wall has been washed and sanded down, we will also repair cracks and holes in the wall using a filler and caulks for the joints. Only when the surface has been repaired and prepared this way can we apply a primer then painting can begin.

If you are searching for a Port St. Lucie painting company, call us today! We can also assist with interior painting projects, including moldings, ceilings and more.