Cabinet Painting and Refinishing

Are you tired of your kitchen’s old and drab appearance and would like to go for a new look, one of the ways to transform the appearance of your kitchen without getting it fully repainted is by painting or refinishing your kitchen cabinet. Giving your cabinet a facelift can improve the overall appearance of your kitchen. But it is a project that takes some level of skill and craftsmanship which is why it is recommended that you hire skilled professionals for the job.

Cabinet Refinishing
When you are refinishing your cabinet, all you are doing is changing the color of the existing material. The process involves paint stripping the cabinet, sanding it to make the surface smooth, then staining or repainting the cabinet. Refinishing your cabinet is a great way to give your cabinet a new look and improve its appearance. If your kitchen or bathroom cabinet is still in a good shape physically, (free from nick, chips, dents, cracks, and cuts) but the coat has started to degrade, refinishing can help put a stop to the decay and prevent the wood from getting warped or rotten further. This is a lot cheaper than purchasing a new cabinet.

Cabinet Painting
When it comes to adding color to your cabinet, you can choose to either get it stained or painted. Staining your cabinet is meant to enhance the natural grain of the wood. Painting on the other hand provides more color choices and covers up the wood grain. Having your cabinet painted can also be used to give the cabinet an illusion of any type of wood you desire. How much you will pay for this project depends on the color, style, and look you are going for. You can give your cabinet any appearance of your choice from deep cherry wood color to whitewashed appearance, dark or light tone depending on your preferences and what compliments your kitchen decor best.

Onsite And Offsite Repainting And Refinishing
When it comes to repainting or refinishing your cabinet, we can either get the work done in place without removing the cabinet or have it removed and taken to our off-site location for a more controlled and comprehensive finishing. Which of these to go for depends on your personal preference. How much time the entire process will take depends on various factors including the size of your cabinet, its current condition among other factors. It is important that your kitchen cabinet refinishing and painting is handled by professionals that know exactly how to correctly remove and replace the cabinet without causing damage.

Cost Of Cabinet Refinishing
The cost of a cabinet refinishing or painting depends on several factors. The size of the cabinet is one of the most important considerations. We also consider the number of doors, drawers, and whether or not you want the cabinet to be removed or painted on-site. The type of paint or stain you choose may also impact the cost of painting. Hence, the cost will vary from one project to the other. Get in touch with us to request a quote for our services.

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